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Terms and Conditions of Service & Payments

Us/We: Nanoqode/Service Provider

You/Your company: The Client/Customer

Invoice based Payments for Custom Websites & Marketing Fees
  • For invoices greater than $500.00 before any applicable taxes partial payments may be requested. All payments must be cleared before the 90% of the final delivery of the project.

  • All custom projects come with a 30-day warranty and a maintenance service plan of $100/month can be purchased for ongoing work and changes.

  • Any incomplete payments after 90% of the final delivery of the project are subject to immediate payment to clear outstanding invoices and will be subject to interest charges of 2% per month and result in collections.

  • Any credit cards charge backs or disputes will result in a Chargeback Handling fee of $200 added to the original invoice.

  • You may cancel your custom project order anytime for any reason until the Project Manager Detailed scope of work review scheduled meeting.

  • The scope of work will be emailed to you to review and confirm so our development team can start working on the project. Your technical advisor will also review any add on options like landing pages, SEO & SMM packages, Content Writing Services etc. which are available at an additional quoted cost; these add on options can be added to your invoice at any time during the project and are due in full payment immediately.

  • Scope of work : Your technical advisor will quote website development charges based on efforts, time and technology. Your Invoice will be generated based on your conversation with the technical advisor and will outline details on each billable service or option.

  • Upon successfully completing payment on the Custom Project Order your project manager will contact you within 1 business day Project Manager Detailed scope of work review scheduled meeting to discuss your small business website questionnaire, expectations in graphics, menu headers, footers, features, API, CRM Connectivity etc.

  • Scope of work : Your technical advisor will quote website development charges based on efforts, time and technology. Your Invoice will be generated based on your conversation with the technical advisor and will outline details on each billable service or option.

  • Upon successfully completing payment on the Custom Project Order your project manager will contact you within 1 business day Project Manager Detailed scope of work review scheduled meeting to discuss your small business website questionnaire, expectations in graphics, menu headers, footers, features, API, CRM Connectivity etc.

  • Timelines : During your quote, the technical advisor will inform you on the possible time required plus 24-48 hours required for testing and set live. This timeline does not include any domain purchase or transfer delays, hosting delays, propagation delays, unforeseen technology issues that may arise however we take every precaution to deliver our projects ahead of the timelines quoted.

  • Design and Graphic changes : During the developmental phase, you will participate in our Mock Review where a graphical design of the website and all its pages will be available. Upon an approval of this Mock, we will complete the custom project. Please let your Project Manager know of any changes you would like to see in the Mock, and a 2nd Mock will be prepared at a notice. We hope to satisfy all your design concerns at this stage and pending approval we will complete the custom project. 3rd Mocks will be billed at $100 Additional Cost.

  • Content : The site content must be provided by you or your team. Should you require copy writing services, content for the whole site can be offered as an add on option.

  • Hosting : We offer custom hosting packages for small and medium businesses that include custom email accounts. We can offer you a hosting package of your liking or push your project on your hosting choice. We are not responsible for the performance or any servicing of your hosting solution. We do not offer any data protection or warranties of site or server performance for third-party hosting solutions arranged by you.

  • Contracts : Where most of our services are available month to month, SEO, SMM & PPC services require a 3 month commitment for results. Any cancellations applicable during the first 3 month period will result in collections for unpaid months upt o a maximum of 2 months. Nano360 is an annual contract due to its heavy discounting on bulk services, any cancellations applicable to Nano360 will result in 50% of the monthly plan X outstanding term on the contract.

  • Nano360 : At any point after the custom project completion, you can opt in for our Premier package offering a suite of business services at a discount of 20% on the original monthly plan fee.

  • You agree to open communication to resolve any issue arising from this service contract and will offer us a 30 day opportunity to address any legitimate customer service concerns. Failure to do so prohibits you from an online review on platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, Trust pilot or any defamation of the company which will result in a pursuit of a review removal; Removal/Legal Service Costs plus $500.00 administration fee will be payable by you and collected as a claim against you.

Monthly Plan Website

  • 100% of one time web setup and invoice fees are due before commencement of project unless specified otherwise.

  • Cancellation of any projects is subject to payment of % of completed project + $100 administration fee.

  • Monthly hosting is billable at the start of the month of each month for upcoming hosting cycle.

  • When you first signup with Nanoqode, the next month (1st of the month) you will be billed for hosting regardless as to whether your website is ‘live’ or not. We are activating your hosting account and your account is now part of our server resources, backups and server monitoring.

  • Client is responsible for first and last month hosting fee on first invoice, and all subsequent monthly hosting payments. PLEASE NOTE — we automatically follow up each month via email to remind you your hosting account is due. You have 30 days to bring your account up to good standing or it goes into a suspend mode on our servers. You won’t be able to use your site or email accounts at this point. We will call and follow up by email to confirm you account one final time after the 30 days has expired and then close your account. We are not responsible to keep any website files, images, emails, or any other data related to your account. Once your account is removed from our servers, we cannot retrieve this information, so it is imperative that you download your website and email account information before your account is shut down.

Domain Names

  • Nanoqode managed domains will be automatically renewed on your behalf, with renewal fees applied to the credit card on file.

  • To cancel the renewal of a Domain Name please contact Nanoqode not less then 60 days prior to the expiry of the Domain Name.

  • Nanoqode does not purchase privacy protection by default when we purchase a new domain name or renew domain names on your behalf. If you wish to also have privacy protection for any domain names we purchase or renew on your behalf you need to explicitly stipulate this to us. The cost for privacy protection is an extra $30/yr/domain name

  • Domain Names are purchased or renewed for a term of two years. Longer terms are available upon request.

Ongoing Web Hosting Fees

  • Hosting fees are payable monthly or annually in advance. You will be billed last months hosting when you first open up your account with Nanoqode.

  • If we cannot process your monthly web account/hosting fee (e.g. declined credit card/bounced cheque), it will be your responsibility to contact Nanoqode to update your account with us BEFORE the next billing cycle (i.e. the 1st day of the next month). This will ensure your account stays activated.

  • Monthly hosting for months that we cannot process your payment will still be owing to Nanoqode with interest on late payment calculated at 10% per month.

  • Monthly website fees must be received within the first 5 days of the month. If we do not receive this from you, you will be contacted by our customer support staff once by email and once by phone to remind you about your past due account. At the end of the month, your site will be suspended. This suspended mode will leave your website unreachable by the general public.

  • After 30 days of suspension Nanoqode will terminate your website and email completely from our servers. If you pay your outstanding balance after this point, your original website will not be available for relaunch. To get a new site launched, you will have to pay the initial design fees once again. Paying your bills in a timely manner is critical to ensure that your original website stays activated on our servers.

  • Nanoqode Inc. reserves the right to terminate services at any time for non-payment of fees due on account.

  • PLEASE NOTE — to reactivate your website and email (within the 30 day grace period), you will need to have your account paid in full and pay a $50+GST re-activation fee. Activation and set-up fees are non-refundable.

  • Interest on late payments shall accrue at the rate of 10% per month.

  • A $50 fee shall apply for any NSF cheque received by Nanoqode Inc. from the client.

  • Monthly web hosting fees shall continue until termination of the Agreement.

  • In the event of default of the terms of this contract for services Nanoqode Inc. reserves the right (acting without prejudice) to withhold domain DNS transfer until such time as all outstanding items are paid in full with penalties and interest.

  • At such time when the hosting of a website ceases, Nanoqode Inc. removes all information (files, database, images etc.) from our servers. Please note that if you wish to move your website to another provider, then they will have to manually save each website page on your own computer. This ensure that you have a record of your website. Nanoqode WILL NOT be held responsible for past due accounts that have had their website files removed off our servers. These site are removed to ensure our server space is optimized. Nanoqode WILL NOT transfer any proprietary code developed by our developers.

  • Your web hosting account provides for a pre-defined amount of storage space and data transfer. Any excess in use of space over that allocated under Data Storage and Transfer at the then current rate charged by Nanoqode Inc.

  • Appropriate Taxes will be charged where applicable by Nanoqode Inc.

Cancelling Your Website and Marketing Services Account and Agreement

  • You MUST contact Nanoqode in writing within 5 business days of the next months billing cycle. You must submit your cancellation request via email (email to [email protected]) to cancel your website, email account or other services or you will continue to be billed according to your existing payment schedule with Nanoqode. We will not accept cancellations via the phone.

  • It is your responsibility to submit your cancellation in a timely fashion to us in writing – preferrably via email. If you do not inform our team via email to [email protected] and you indicate that for instance you “wished” to cancel your subscription in a previous or earlier month but forgot we will not be able to reimburse you unfortunately. If there is no cancellation notification to us we continue to provide the needed servcies to keep your account going which includes but is not limited to, suppport time for our team, server allocation of HD space, bandwidth and server resources, server security patches and updates. Thus we would have provided services and therefore no refunds would be issued.

  • For security reasons, Nanoqode may contact you by phone to verify your cancellation email to us.

  • Nanoqode Inc. reserves the right to terminate services and withhold domain name information if fees for all services provided by Nanoqode Inc. have not been paid in full in advance of early termination.

  • Any breach of this contract and Nanoqode Inc. shall have the irrevocable right to terminate services.

  • Should Nanoqode Inc. elect to cancel the provision of services offered it may do so at it’s sole and irrevocable option at any time during the course of this contract, by providing 30 days advance notice to the Client of intent to terminate services or a portion of services offered.

  • This gives you 30 days opportunity to download their web and email resources and transfer to another hosting provided if you choose.

  • Nanoqode is not responsible for transfer or setup of your website in a new hosting environment.

  • Nanoqode is not responsible for transfer or export of your emails or email contacts from our web based email system.

  • If your account is cancelled, we will not be able to retrieve website or emails/email contact information.

  • For our SEO services there is a minimum 3 month contract. It is your responsibility as the client to inform us if you wish to cancel your SEO services after the 3 months is over. If we do not receive a written cancellation notice we continue to provide that service ongoing each month and will invoice your account accordingly.